Monday, September 20, 2010


I haven't updated in quite a while, so here is a quick one.

We officially switched oncologist last Thursday. I'm not sure if Dr. Tuan is a much better match for my mom, but the fact that Emily, our nurse practitioner, regards him highly gives us some comfort and confidence in our decision. Dr. Tuan gave us two options: take a few months break and begin treatment again when the cancer grows again or continue with a completely different drug. He seemed to lean towards the former option. It will all depend on the PET scan, which will take place tomorrow. If the results show growth, we will need to continue treatment immediately.

So I ask that you pray extra hard for mommy tonight. She has been coughing much, much more these past two weeks, and we all hope that her results will show continued improvement.

I will post another update soon. Have a wonderful night!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I always dream of getaways to wondrous, far places, but today I realized that dinner at home with all four Tams present is the best escape I could ever ask for. Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the most perfect family and home!