Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have not posted health updates in quite a while, and I've been meaning to write, but I can't at the moment. Anatomy lab calls!

Here's a superduperspeedy update! Mommy's white cell, red cell, and platelet counts were dangerously low last thursday, so we skipped the second week of treatment. The next day, she was feeling dizzy and nauseous, so we brought her into ER. (Thanks Jon for rushing me back to San Francisco, Oddball for holding my hand, Wesley for providing the car, and my wonderful friends for your love and prayers.) They performed a bunch of tests on her, and thankfully, she was just dehydrated and low on magnesium. My biggest fear was that the cancer spread to her brain, but a head CT scan confirmed that her brain is clear. We have an appointment on Thursday to make up the last session we skipped, so please pray for mommy's body to recover quickly.

And to end on silly note, today while we were looking for parking at Costco, my mom exclaimed "Oh my God!" completely out of the blue. I wish I recorded that so I could use it as my ringtone.

Okay, anatomy lab. Bye! (:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Mommy turns 52 today! Happpy Happpy Birthday, Mommy!

Update soon!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Nice Bum

The picture below does not show the PJ pattern at all, so here's another with a nice sideview.

Stuck At Home

Mommy's blood count was too low for treatment last week, so we cancelled treatment this week to let her body rest. Please pray for quick recovery and continued protection against the cancer. For two weeks now, I've imprisoned her at home to protect her from germs, bacteria, etc, which she does not like this. She's done a fair amount of complaining, so to pacify my whiney baby, I work on little food projects with her.

Here she is holding up a wonton shaped like a chicken leg.

We(really just she) are baking a cake(not from scratch) at this very moment. This is mommy asking me to choose between YELLOW BUTTERFLY or chocolate flavor. hehehe. Also notice the cute polar bear PJs.

Please join us! We love company! And mommy will most likely be wearing the same PJs.