Monday, August 9, 2010

Stuck At Home

Mommy's blood count was too low for treatment last week, so we cancelled treatment this week to let her body rest. Please pray for quick recovery and continued protection against the cancer. For two weeks now, I've imprisoned her at home to protect her from germs, bacteria, etc, which she does not like this. She's done a fair amount of complaining, so to pacify my whiney baby, I work on little food projects with her.

Here she is holding up a wonton shaped like a chicken leg.

We(really just she) are baking a cake(not from scratch) at this very moment. This is mommy asking me to choose between YELLOW BUTTERFLY or chocolate flavor. hehehe. Also notice the cute polar bear PJs.

Please join us! We love company! And mommy will most likely be wearing the same PJs.

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