Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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I couldn't think of anything. Anyways..

You know how I was completely outraged about Dr. Knopf's incompetance? During our appointment today, he somehow talked his way out of trouble. He claimed that mommy has had pneumonia ever since she was first diagnosed and announced that the last CT scan shows further cancer shrinkage and a ninety percent decrease in pneumonia mass since the first CT scan. I did a little dance in my brain upon hearing the wonderful news, but I am also a little reluctant to believe everything Dr. Knopf tells us. He speaks in such quick, sneaky sentences that I often leave the office with a little tornado of question marks over my head. Like wwwwhhhhhaaaaaaattttt?? Maybe we should switch doctors. Nevertheless, we rejoice because God is taking care of mommy.

We sat in the corner of one of the Chemo rooms today, and during the two or so hours of treatment, mommy made some friends, two to be exact. To her right sat a 60 something year old mother of six named Josephine who was finishing her very last session and about to declare victory over her breast cancer. The woman on her left, Ivy, is in a completely different situation. Ivy, who is just one year older than my mommy, has pancreatic cancer, and anyone who knows about this type of cancer knows how aggressive and painful it is. On top of that, she was disgnosed with anxiety disorder about a year and a half ago. Like my mom, she recently accepted Christ, but because of her psycological disorder, it is difficult for her to find hope or happiness, so I ask that when you pray for mommy's physical and spiritual health, please also pray that we will love and support Ivy just like you guys have lifted us up and that God will shower her with His love and grace. And let's also rejoice that Josephine has beaten cancer and pray that many others (Mommy Tam!) will emerge victorious soon!

Congratulations to meet you! (from Eat Pray Love, a wonderful book)

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