Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We met with Dr. Tuan last Tuesday to discuss the PET scan results and treatment options. I meant to actually scan a copy of the actual scan results, but I am lazy. Maybe next time! The scan results showed that there is no spread (Hallelujah!) and that she has improved vastly compared to the last one done in April. The spot that spread to her bone disappeared completely, along with many other small spots, and her largest tumor is about half the size of how it was before we began treatment. This is all great news, but unfortunately, these results can only be compared to her last PET scan, which was taken before we even began treatment, so we are not getting the most accurate assessment. To get a real comparison, we would need to get a CT scan, which is scheduled to take place six weeks later.

I really want to take the CT scan sooner than later because mommy is coughing A LOT more than before. I am afraid it is a sign that her tumors are growing again. Please pray for her cough and the tumors to go away. What if we made the wrong decision? Doesn't it make sense to continue treatment if it has been so effective so far? My heart breaks every time I hear her cough, and it's getting progressively worse everyday. This must be the scariest part, when all we an do is wait for the next CT scan, when we really can't actively fight the cancer.

My dad has also started coughing recently, and we're trying to convince him to get an x-ray, but he keeps avoiding the subject. Will you please pray that he will take the chest x-ray and that the results will be good?

She's coughing again. ): Please keep us in your prayers.

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