Monday, December 20, 2010

Tomorrow is a big day

because mommy is starting a new chemo drug. After 16 rounds of carbo/gemzar and gemzar alone, the cancer has become resistant the combination, so we are turning to our second line treatment. Unlike the previous treatments which had no side effects, Taxotere will be harder on her body and is likely to cause hair loss and swelling, so we are trying to prepare mommy for it. I can't imagine how scared she must be to actually experience and see the effects of chemo on herself, and I'm afraid that she will lose hope. Please keep us in your prayers!

Prayer requests:
-Please pray that Taxotere will be amazingly effective, and that God will use it to destroy every trace of cancer in mommy's body.
-Please pray that side effects will be minimal, barely noticeable. Please ask God to protect mommy from the side effects that may come. Pray that He will keep her physically safe and strong.
-Please pray that Mommy will remain joyful and hopeful, even as she experiences hair loss and any other side effects. Please ask God to help us cope with the physical changes and support mommy through these difficult times.
-Please pray that we will be reminded of His sovereignty over my mommy's life. Lord, please wrap the tam family, especially mommy, in the warmest, tighest hug.
-Last, please pray that God will shower us, especially mommy, with His mercy, love, and grace every single moment, and that His power will be so evident that we will feel His presence every second of every day.

Thank you!

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