Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Morning!

I wanted to load pictures of mommy, but I can't find any memory card slots. Do laptops have them?

Anyhoooo... I just wanted to tell you guys about some joyous moments we've shared in the past few days.

Three mornings ago, I was awoken early by the sound of a woman singing. In my sleepiness, I couldn't recognize the voice, but I listened for a couple more minutes and heard "yeh soh," Jesus in cantonese. after a bit of processing, I realized it was mommy tam belting out a song about Jesus! what a beeaauuutttiiifffuuulll way to start the day! I wish I recorded it so I could share it with you guys.

Another chemo session at 8am this morn. We entered the office quite worried because my mom has been coughing up blood again, but we were ecstatic to find that my mom's largest tumor shrank from 7.3 cm to 4.something cm. We knew there was some improvement but never expected such drastic shrinkage! Thank you so so much, Jesus!

Last week, I asked Dr. Knopf agreed to increase her drug dosage, so this week, mommy had two hundred more milliliters of gemzar. I'm a bit worried that she may not be able to withstand the extra kick, so please pray for her white blood cells and red blood cells and physical health in general. Also, please pray that I will be more disciplined and remember to do nightly devotions with momma. I'm so laazzyyy. ):

Almost everyone is at chapter camp right now. It feels weird to not be there, but I hope and pray that you/they see God so fully, be completely tranformed, and experience a little piece of Shalom this week!

Have a wonderful day! See ya soon!


  1. glenders, thanks for the update :) your mommy sings!!! ahhh that is so cute! just like you :P

  2. auwwww yay glenda!
    so good to hear that! (:
    i always love your blog posts.
    i can hear your voice in them!
    which is good
    because i am far far away in korea right now.
    will be praying for youuu!!
    enjoy your time with your mom!

  3. Hi Glenda!
    I can't believe I haven't discovered this blog before today, but I just read through all your posts and had to keep myself from crying! Praying for your mom, you, and your family. And thanks for blessing us with YOU and this blog! I know sharing can't be easy. Hope you are having some wonderful joyous times with your family right now!