Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Another appointment with Dr. Knopf yesterday morning. He seemed to be in a rush, so we left the office a bit confused about.. everything. Some things i recall him saying are:
1) yes, we can up the dosage of gemzar
2) itchy rash can be fixed with benadryl, unless it's shingles
3) she is probably responding well to the drugs since she's stopped coughing up blood (except she did cough up blood yesterday and today)
4) go down to the first floor and get a chest x-ray

After the appointment, we met up with some friends from Hawaii for dimsum. T'was a wonderful time until my auntie told them about my mommy. I decided that i needed an escape, so J.Bear and i ran far, far away to a secret place (Sutro Baths)and hiked along the coast talking nonsense like we always do. Right as we we exited our secret place, i got a voicemail from Emily, our favorite nurse practitioner. Her message said something like, "Hi Mrs. Tam, the chest x-ray from this morning shows that your lungs are looking a little better!" yayayay! Thank you, Jesus! Every little sign of improvement is worth a whole lot of dancing and celebrating!

Also, I found out this past Sunday that mommy tam accepted Jesus Christ at a Christian event held last Friday! yayyayyayyayyay!!

Let's celebrate!


  1. Glendy glendy!! We prayed for your mommy's spiritual health and life during senior retreat!!! God answers prayers!!!! Yayayya JESUS!! :)

    I love you.

  2. THAT'S INCREDIBLE!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. this post is beautiful! :) i'm praying that physical healing will come with spiritual restoration.
    <3 -emily

  4. thats wonderful news, will keep praying

  5. YES LETS!!!!
    will be sending you prayers from koreaaa!
    i miss you glenda!
    i had notes for you, too..
    but shall give it to ya when im back (:

  6. oh my oh my oh my!!! yay for the kingdom!!!! yay Jesus!!!!

  7. you have no idea how happy this post has made me. my heart literally jumped when i read that last post! God is good! :D looking forward to seeing you again, glendy :)