Sunday, November 21, 2010


This morning, instead of doing my morning cleanup routine, I hopped into my mommy's bed. For the next hour, she told me stories about my dad and about her favorite dogs at the park. I learned that my mom first noticed my dad when he helped her best friend move furniture into a new apartment and fell in love with him because she saw how kindhearted and compassionate he was. I also learned that my mom loves dogs, but only from afar. Her favorite dog is a prejudiced, little pomeranian named Baby, who refuses the advances of another dog, Bobo, because she only likes dogs of her own kind. Mommy also believes that Baby may be lesbian because she won't mate with any boys, even those in her own breed.

And to tie the two subjects together, we decided that my dad is very much like a dog because he is very loyal and loving but sometimes a little clueless and maybe a little prejudiced.

There is really nowhere else I would rather be than in my mommy's bed, with unwashed faces, snuggling and telling stories till noon.


  1. what a nice moment. we continually pray for your mom and entire fam. let us know if you need anything else. *hugs*