Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Merci Beaucoup!

It's been a wonderful week thus far! Most of the past two days were spent preparing for my two aunts' arrival from Hong Kong. I spent a few hours in Berkeley on Tuesday updating Professors and GSIs on my mom's situation and discussing finals and grades. My professor were extremely understanding and compassionate, and I ended up talking to my anatomy professor for about an hour. I've been looking for someone older to comfort and guide me and Professor Kaufer did just that, sharing her experiences of being a caretaker and even suggesting some books to read. God, thank you for sending Prof. Kaufer.

My aunties arrived yesterday night, which brought so much joy and comfort to my family, especially my mom. Mommy Tam is so much happier with her sisters cooking(cooking skills!) and caring for her, and now we've added two more people to our nightly prayer group. Our new living arrangements, with my bro and dad downstairs and us four women upstairs is the best because I get to sleep in a new queen sized bed with my momma.

Momma Tam has coughed less these last couple of days. Thank you, God! Tomorrow afternoon, we have an appointment with the radiologist. I hope we will can agree on an aggressive, effective treatment plan.

Hmm. We are all exhausted from a full day of napping and grocery shopping, so we go sleep now. night night! Please continue praying for physical and spiritual healing! Thanks a bunches!

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  1. auw that sounds like fun! (:
    im glad, glendah!
    i have something for youuuu!
    so let me know next time you're in berks!!
    and i think that you being an amazing person
    has something to do with all your profs being super nice. (:
    and of course HUGE blessings from God!
    enjoy time with your mommy!
    still praying for your fam!