Monday, April 19, 2010

Mommy Tam is funnay

Yesterday, the fam escaped to Half Moon Bay for the afternoon. During our hour long walk along the coast, I realized where I got my ditziness from. We passed by a baby sitting in her stroller with her legs sticking straight out in front of her and I told my mom I thought that was cute. Silly mommy responded very matter-of-factly, "that's because babies aren't born with knees. Their knees develop when they fall." Ten minutes later, I asked how dirty seagulls keep their feathers so clean and she said, "it's because the water is not actually dirty, it's really clean." Just wanted to share that with you guys. (:

On a more serious note, my mom and I cried together for the first time last night. The four of us have learned to put on our happy masks when we're in front of each other, and it was the first time that we were completely honest with one another. We really need more of these moments.

Some prayer requests...
- please pray that we will continue to have silly conversations as well as serious, honest conversations.
- please pray for God to take away all of my mommy's guilt, worries, and sadness.
- my mommy's cough gets progressively worse each day so please continue to pray for physical healing and comfort.
- we're all getting really bored of my cooking so please pray for better cooking skills. (:
- we're also starting nightly devotionals so please pray that God will speak through Ricky and I as we lead the Bible studies.

Lastly, I feel really selfish asking you to pray for us all the time. I'd love to know how you guys are doing and how we can pray for you as a family. Please leave us prayer requests!

Thank you Team Tam!!


  1. Only cuz u asked, i dont have prayer requests now for myself, but my bro is getin maried in may, and sis is getin maried in july, pray that they have good marriages and stay with God.

    Thanks Glenda, still praying for your fam.

  2. People aren't born with knees, the develop because of bipedal walking! Mom knows her stuff.. I hope Team Tam sees some good fortune, soon.

  3. Hi Glenda! Your blog is a really good idea :) I prayed for you today during my devotional time.

    Good luck with the cooking!